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LSD: Dream Emulator is a PS1-era game created by Osamu Sato (who also made Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou), and only released in Japan. It's a …

Of course, fitting a new series into the larger X-Men cinematic universe is complicated further by the fact that Fox’s mutant world isn’t straightforward at all. It’s a vast, sprawling universe that takes place over multiple timelines and has already been rebooted and included at least one alternate future. The primary timeline re-started in 2011 with X-Men: First Class ,  while the follow-up, X-Men: Days of Future Past cleared the timeline up with the use of an alternate future. At this point, the central film franchise exists at a point somewhere in the ’80s/’90s, where the classic X-Men team are still teens. Deadpool ,  meanwhile, exists at a point not too far in the future, where the X-Men still live in the mansion and are active, and Logan takes place in a far future (which may or may not be an alternate one), where the mutants have been almost entirely wiped out. Legion , the first X-Men TV series, also reportedly exists in this same massive world, although there is absolutely no telling where in the timeline it sits.

ScummVM is a program that supports numerous adventure game engines via virtual machines , allowing the user to play supported adventure games on their platform of choice. ScummVM provides none of the original assets for the games it supports, and expects the user to properly own the original game's media so as to use the software legally. The official project website offers games that are freeware that work directly with ScummVM . Atop emulating the games, ScummVM enables players to save and load the state of the emulator at any time, enabling a save system atop whatever the emulated game may provide. It has also begun to work at providing alternate controls for newer devices, such as mobile devices with touch screens, which work atop the original games. [2]

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