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A Latin square is a square-shaped array of symbols in which there is exactly one occurrence of each symbol in each row and in each column. The name “Latin square” comes from the work of Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler, who authored papers in which he used Latin symbols in the squares.

The Mayan empire stretched south from the present-day Mexican states of Veracruz, Yucatán, Campeche, Tabasco, and Chiapas to almost all of Guatemala and parts of Belize and Honduras. Ruins in the Guatemalan highlands include Copán, a typical Mayan center with plazas, pyramids, a court for ball games, and blocks of stone inscribed with hieroglyphics. Tikal, another Mayan center in Guatemala, had more than 3,000 structures in a six-square-mile area. Vast palaces with hundreds of rooms, rows and rows of wooden huts, and increasingly larger buildings approaching the center of Tikal accommodated a surrounding community that may have numbered as many as 90,000 people.

93 'til Infinity was propelled into success by its title track and lead single, which reached #72 on the Billboard Hot 100 . It also featured singles "That's When Ya Lost" and "Never No More" which reached the Hot Rap Singles but never charted on The Billboard Hot 100. According to Allmusic author Steve Huey, "Although the title cut is an underappreciated classic, 93 'til Infinity makes its greatest impression through its stunning consistency, not individual highlights." [1] Huey also goes on to remark that 93 'til Infinity is "one of the most slept-on records of the '90s".

Hieroglyphics - Hiero Oldies Volume TwoHieroglyphics - Hiero Oldies Volume TwoHieroglyphics - Hiero Oldies Volume TwoHieroglyphics - Hiero Oldies Volume Two


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